Best Dating Ideas For Extroverts In San Francisco




So, you’ve fallen in love in the Golden City. You’re dating an Extrovert, and now you’re thinking, what are the best dating ideas that will keep your relationship rolling?


Having been married to an Introverted wife for more than twenty years, Dr. Adam Earnheardt, who claims to be an expert in Extrovert-Introvert dating, believes that dating opposites can be challenging.


This challenge is more so when partners do not find a balance. One needs to take more effort to figure out what the partner likes to do, seeing that it’s going to be different from yours! Dr. Earnheardt reveals that most extroverts prefer a mix of high energy, large crowd environments and low-key, one-on-one dating.


In other words, they love to party! However, when the party’s done, they want your exclusive attention and listening ear.


Here are some affordable, best dating ideas in the Golden City:



Bowling provides a great activity that will suit both Extroverts and Introverts. Your extroverted partner can have fun and perhaps interact with the neighboring lane, while you can sit in the waiting area to take a break when you need to.


Bowling alleys in San Francisco such as Presidio will feed the extroverts the energy that they need – while giving you some solitude in brief moments. The beauty of bowling alleys is that they are not so crowded, so when you want to have moments to build intimacy, it won’t be awkward or uncomfortable.


Festivals and Concerts

Extroverts love being around people, and nothing provides such an environment like a concert or a festival can. Be on the lookout for the next big concert or festival in San Francisco – there are dozens of them happening. Invite your partner along for a great time – he or she is bound to love it!


If you’re really not a concert goer and can’t stand the crowds, look for something in between, like an arts festival where you can still have sufficient personal space, and yet not denying the Extrovert a chance to have fun.


Amusement Parks

There are many amusement parks in San Francisco, a great place to take your Extroverted date. Places like Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Children’s Fairyland, Pixieland Amusement Park are good places for a whole day of fun! It’s a place where there’s a mix of eating, taking rides and interesting conversations while you’re having to queue for those rides.


Of course, the quality of conversations in an amusement park can be subpar, but this can be solved by having rest breaks or snack time.


Lively Bars or Clubs

These lively bars all over San Francisco provide great environments for Extroverts to enjoy. Of course, moderation is key, as overindulging in nightlife and overdrinking leads to unwanted consequences and terrible hangovers.


Having a balance is good. Find a place that you feel comfortable and gives you the space to have a meaningful conversation with your partner. A club or a bar where your favorite tunes are being belted out will provide that golden opportunity for you and your date to dance the night away.


Wine tasting

For the ones with refined tastes, bring your Extroverted date for wine tasting in San Francisco in locations such as Napa and Sonoma Wine Country Tour, Alcatraz & Sonoma Valley Wine Tour, among other wine tasting venues and events.


This is a great opportunity for you to enjoy the scenery, savor wine and have your quiet moments with one another when the chance arises. Most wine tours are slow paced and easy – so you won’t feel left out of the fun and excitement.


Which is your favorite dating spot? Comment below! 


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