6 Travel Experiences for Introverted Dating Couples




Many introverted couples turn out to have a successful long-term relationship usually because they share similar interests and level of understanding.

Planning travel places require a conversation between the couple as to which places will fuel and recharge both of you. Well, we’ve made things easier for you.

Here’s a guide to 6 best travel experiences for introverted dating couples:


Beach getaway at Viceroy Riviera Maya

It is a secluded escape on the Caribbean Sea in Mexico with Mayan-inspired spa treatments and calm surroundings. Hit this place when it’s not crowded.


If you have a good budget, go for a luxury villa with private pool and outdoor terrace. The villas are surrounded by tropical jungle gardens and are private. This unique resort is a great place to visit and the most romantic beach getaways in Mexico.


Treat your partner and send them to spa treatments that have holistic touches and are extremely relaxing. There is a spa area for Temazcal bath and herbs native to Mexico’s Mayan Riviera are incorporated in the treatment.


If you plan to spend a proper vacation here, don’t forget to boat, fish, horse ride together and most importantly, walks down 7 miles of white sandy beach romantically.


Stargazing at National Parks, USA

One of the best places for stargazing is at a national park in the USA. Plan a trip with your introverted loved one for this perfect activity. It’s a romantic place and a good excuse to cuddle with each other as the night goes long and the temperature drops.


Focus on the star-lit night sky and enjoy the breath-taking moment with the God-made night spectacle. Know that your date is enjoying this even when the two of you are not talking. Complement each other on how refreshing it is to stay in this quietness and how nice it is to be with your date.


Get Lost In Tokyo

Japan is an amazing place for people who like to stay anonymous. No one really bothers what you’re up to, and that is what introverted couples look for.


Japanese people are not intrusive. You can keep on weaving through a sea of people without talking to anyone. Take a ride on a bullet train with your loved ones from Tokyo to Mt Fuji and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


You are guaranteed to have a peaceful ride with no talks as it is considered bad and rude in Japan to make noise on the train or talk to people. This journey is an extremely energising, scenic and a memorable train ride.


Bike around the French Countryside

Are you both more into sports? Do you have strong calf muscles and good speed? Try a biking tour. Such trips appeal introvert people as it offers them time to be alone and spend it with the ones they value. This high-energy activity is a good idea because such adventures become great memories. Getting a workout while riding around the scenic French countryside is a dream come true.


This gives the both of you time away from socialising with others. Also, none of you has to feel guilty for eating too many tasty French croissants.


Backpack around Europe

This is the ultimate travel place where you both will realise how much the two of you relish each other. If your partner is more like a best friend, then make this date a mixture of love and friendship! Crash at a reasonable hotel with strangers, where it’s not necessary to engage with them. Go ahead, backpack and hike.


The best part of Europe is that you truly become a part of nature. It helps you realise that with one good company, you have everything!


Picnic at San Francisco

There are tons of beautiful parks in San Francisco. Take your date to a picnic at sunrise, during the day, sunset or night – whenever it’s quiet and calm. Surprise him/her with their favourite drinks and foods. It gives you one-on-one time to know each other better.


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