7 Things INFJs want you to know about Them


Lin Yihan

7 Things INFJs want you to know about them

Curious about INFJs? Here are 7 things INFJs want you to know about them – INFJs are the rarest personality type out of all the sixteen. Because they are so complex and rare in numbers, they are often misunderstood.


In truth, INFJs are awesome people. They strive to make a positive impact on those around them and are always trying to help others in any way. They are naturally a calm and sincere connector, and attract others to them because of their sensitivity to the feelings of those around them.


We wanted to take an in-depth look at what it’s like to be an INFJ. To do that, we’ve compiled some common things that every INFJ wishes they could share so that you can understand their unique personality. After all, they aren’t people that like to explain themselves all the time.


“Sometimes I forget to take care of myself.”


Because I am constantly looking to protect the feelings of others and take care of those around me, I can sometimes forget about my own needs.


I can even feel guilty when my life is doing fine and someone I love is going through a hard time.


As such, I can sometimes get burnt out because I don’t make time for myself, which is why I need to be reminded by those who love me to take care of myself.


“I believe I can make a change in the world.”


I see so many negative things going on in the world, and I feel deeply about them. Sometimes, I think the world is so corrupted and evil and I don’t know how to start to change it.


But I want to right them. I want to right all the wrongs in the world. I want people to feel loved and accepted no matter who they are.


“I have a hard time opening up.”


I find it hard to share things about myself. Honestly, I don’t know why – perhaps I don’t want people to be burdened with my thoughts and feelings.


However, I’m more than happy to hear about you, and what you’re going through. I want to bear that burden with you.


“I can be picky.”


I can be picky in all aspects of life, including in finding a romantic partner.
Some may call me a “perfectionist,” and I have a hard time settling for anything less than I think I deserve. This is my way protect my heart from being hurt.


“I tend to have extremes.”


I live on two ends of the spectrum. I’m either extremely passionate about something or I’m completely indifferent.


I believe that life is about doing things you love, enjoy and care about. And for those that I do, I always give 101% to them. For those I don’t, I tend not to give mind to it.


Of course, if work requires me to be responsible, you’ll be sure I’m on it. Responsibility weighs high in my value scale.


“I stand behind my values.”


I know what I believe, and I stand strongly behind my values. I am not easily swayed and usually not open to changing those beliefs. Don’t try to change how I think – you’re likely not to succeed.


“I feel things deeply.”


I feel deeply, meaning it can take me a long time to forgive and forget.


Sometimes, if I am hurt very badly, I will turn away from that person or relationship permanently to protect my heart and feelings.


Are you an INFJ? If so, did this article accurately describe you?


Are you great friends with an INFJ? Did this article describe your friend well?


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