5 Tips for Dating an ESFP Personality




Dating an ESFP? Lucky you!


ESFPs are fun-loving, charismatic and generous people.  Approachable at all times, they want to make every moment with your count. Nothing too serious, and nothing too heavy. They just love having you and spending time with you.


However, ESFPs are often misunderstood. Their playful nature may imply to some that they’re not serious nor committed to the relationship. Yes, that is the case if you’re constantly trying to ‘tie them down’.


But if you love your ESFP partner and want to settle down long-term with him or her, here’s what you can do to make them happy:


Do fun stuff together.

Think of social and fun stuff to do.  ESFPs like to engage in many things at one time as they are energetic and sociable. Their lives are always packed with enjoyable activities, socialising, friends and work.

Watching a football game with enthusiastic fans or go dancing at a nightclub appeals to them. Nothing too serious, too deep or abstract.


Keep them hooked

It’s very easy for ESFPs to lose focus and get bored when there are no new things around them. Because of this, they tend to look elsewhere, and that might also give them a reputation for jumping from one relationship to another. So if you’re dating them, try to keep them hooked and engage in different activities at one time.

It’s a good idea to invite your partner to learn something creative and new like music, dance, cooking, a wine appreciation club or an amateur theatre group. Most of them are also interested in team sports so you can go for a para-jumping group or rowing team for couples. The whole point is to keep them involved in new things so that they don’t look for thrills elsewhere.


Don’t grudge them the limelight

ESFPs are most of the times at the centre of groups, work, and social situations.

They are exceedingly popular owing to their easy-going and friendly nature. So don’t be disturbed if once in a while your partner has a calendar packed with events whether it includes you or not.

It might be difficult to understand initially but try to make your own plans with friends or reading a book at home. The point is to give them space and not to make them feel that they only can spend time with you.   


Appreciate their generosity

There is no doubt how generous and warm ESFPs are. They will initially sweep you off your feet with their desire to please you. They will go to great lengths to make their partners happy. You are likely to get a lot of surprises from your ESFP partner.

Sometimes, this nature can lead to extravagant buying. Instead of chastising them, appreciate their exuberant natures and generosity. Gently remind them that they can be more moderate in their purchase in the future.  


Encourage light discussions

ESFPs like it when they can have fun and enjoyable discussions and avoid places where people are judgemental, critical and negative.

Build an atmosphere which is positive with no conflict. Make sure you don’t use a harsh or critical stance when discussing an issue. Approach any matter constructively and cooperatively to encourage non-judgmental dialogue.


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