3 Things You Need to Know Before Dating an ENTP


Lin Yihan

Dating an ENTP

So you’re dating an ENTP… and you might be having trouble reconciling the charismatic persona and the kinda irritating challenges that they put you through. Many people who date ENTP have the same experience.

They were attracted to their ENTP partner’s charisma and natural confidence around people. They think to themselves, “Wow, this is someone who’s sure of themselves! I sure can get with someone like that.”


Eventually, when they get together, they see another side of the ENTP. They see the ENTP challenging their every thought or idea… they see their egos being smashed or quashed by the confident ENTPs, who don’t seem to care about their feelings.


Now, what’s really going through the ENTP’s mind? Are they really jerks or just simply who they are? Before we even get to the level of trying to understand these enigmatic characters, here are a few survival tips on dating ENTPs:


Give them space to pursue their interests

ENTPs are hyped up by new ideas – and put all their energies into a brilliant idea to make it happen. Sometimes they make sure it comes to pass, while often times, before they finish, another idea catches their attention.


As someone dating them, it’s important that you encourage those dreams; don’t be a wet blanket and tell them it won’t work. In fact, if you do, they’re more than likely to prove you wrong, and they’ll feel you don’t support or love them.


So, take an interest in those ideas, and then if you’re the planning type, you can even support them by putting all these ideas into a concrete action plan. In the end, most of these ideas probably wont work out, but for the ones that work out often make them good money or give them high achievement.


Get used to the challenges


ENTPs are smooth talkers and quick thinkers. They like examining multiple theories and then having a discussion with their partners about it. It may look like they’re irritating you or trying to force you into a conflict, but really, they just want someone to indulge their ideas with.


If you are someone who can engage them intellectually, then even better. ENTPs love interacting with intellectual people and they find it a turn on to have a debate with one.


Feel free to criticize their ideas, and remember its not personal. Don’t make it so. It’s never about you or him, most of the time it’s about the idea. While they like debate, they hate emotional conflicts, which they deem to be illogical and pointless.


Be ready to grow with them

If you want a long-term relationship with an ENTP, be ready to grow with them.


ENTPs are always seeking ways to improve themselves and their standard of living. They will pursue new ideas, new learnings, new education just so that they can be a better version of themselves. They will appreciate a partner who is growth-oriented too, and will join the ENTPs on the journey of becoming better.


Stagnation, to them, is a curse. They dislike people who get so comfortable with life and do not seek for more. If they are in a relationship with a stagnant person, after a while, breaking up comes into their mind.


Another way they show their desire to improve is their natural need to be brutally honest with people. If you’re dating an ENTP, you must be secure enough in yourself to be able to take the criticisms from ENTPs. It is often helpful, if you want to be a better person, but if you’re not secure, you’ll find those words offensive or hurtful.


Learn more about the ENTP


These are just some simple tips that will keep the relationship with the ENTP going. However, if you’re getting serious with him/her, then it’s time for you to explore deeper understanding about them here.




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