Intimate Love Relationships


Lin Yihan


Understanding your partner and loved ones.

This section Type and Relationships will help you understand how your personality relates to others as a spouse, love and parent. There is also a bonus section where you can find out how particular personalities relate to each other in a love relationship.



We are more different than we know.

More often than not, we cannot comprehend the difference in values and beliefs or another person and therefore expecting the other person to think from our perspective.


These differences become even clearer in a romantic relationship. The greater the level of intimacy, the more pronounced the differences. This is the reason why there are so many conflicts and arguments the closer two people get.


In reality, most of these conflicts stem from personality differences. The question “why can’t you think and act like me?” is the hidden root of every argument on differences.


If we could understand personality, we could bridge these differences and pave the way for profound mutual understanding and respect.


Check your personality against your partner’s!


In this section, you can find out how your personality will interact with your partner’s personality!


(If you are not clear about your personality, go to Free Personality Test to get your 4 letter Type!)


While these descriptions are generalizations (i.e they may not all apply to your relationship), you will find it extremely helpful to understand the likely nature of conflicts in your relationship!


Choose your Type, and then choose your partner’s Type in the drop-down boxes below!


Select your type from the Type and Relationships Table below:

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