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Lin Yihan


This section Type and Communication is about the ’16 different languages’ of the types and how to communicate more effectively with each type.

We all speak different languages. These languages are different because we have different values and beliefs, and they show themselves most evidently in our speech and communication.

Communication is the key to relationships.

Yet, because of our differences in personality type, we run into unpleasant obstacles when trying to express ourselves. Unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts occur as a result of these failures in communication.


  • At work, you may even find it tough to understand your boss who seems to be so friendly and nice in a social setting, yet becomes an entirely different person at work.


  • At home, you have been married to your spouse for a decade now, but it seems like there’s still plenty of occasions where you misunderstand each other.


These misunderstandings is often the cause of our frustrations with people. So much unhappiness could be avoided if we simply knew how to speak each other’s language. Thankfully, personality type gives us a framework to do so.



Understanding different languages.

In this section, you will learn about the individual languages of the 16 types and understand how you can reach each type more effectively through tuning your language.

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