Strength Based Leadership


Lin Yihan


Leading Self and Others

This section Type and Leadership is about the application of personality types in leadership and management, in particular, 4 key functions of leadership: Self leadership, setting the vision, connecting with others and accomplishing of goals.


Self Leadership

  • The most important person leaders need to lead are themselves. Without self-awareness or self-discipline, a leader will find it hard to lead others. Learn how each personality practices self-leadership.


Setting the Vision

  • One of the most important leadership competencies is to set a direction for the organization to follow. Learn the language of each personality in setting visions.

Connecting with Others

  • Leaders need to know how to win people over to them; connecting with people is one of the key skills of a leader. Find out how each leader connects with their team.


Accomplishing of Goals

  • Setting a vision and building connections is nothing without proper execution. Understand each type’s strengths and weaknesses in execution and the accomplishing of goals.

Each of the sixteen types also has a unique path for leadership development. In each of the sixteen types, I give suggestions and tips for further development as well.


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