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Personality and Careers Finding the right job fit

This section Personality and Careers will help you understand your unique personality type’s favorite careers. 

Choosing a Job

Choosing a job can be a daunting task for most of us, and rightly so. A job is at least a year’s commitment, and for those who wish to build a career, it is a lifetime.


Your job is something you’ll be engaged in for practically most of your time. From 9am – 5pm daily, you will be on the job, solving problems, running projects, executing tasks related to your job and organisation.


If you find a job you love, well done. You will find purpose and fulfilment in what you do.


But for most of people, they find jobs that barely engage or energize them.


Perhaps they chose it because of the salary, location or working hours, but they didn’t choose it because it was something they would thoroughly enjoy.


As a result, most people may live their days just getting by, and not feeling that fulfilment that they crave from their job.


That’s why we need to understand something deeper about ourselves and our job preferences through the power of personality type.


Personality affects job preference.

Our personalities offer a great clue to what kind of jobs we will enjoy and what kind of jobs we dislike.


In this section, you will find out more about what kind of jobs your personality will enjoy the most. It will be an enlightening moment for you as you discover many more things about yourself that you never knew!


Select your type from the personality and careers table:

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