Top 10 Experiences for Introverts in the West Coast, USA




There is a common misconception out there saying that introverts do not like traveling. Far from it, they love it actually—only that they prefer visiting places different from those frequented by the extroverted family members and friends.

Introverts like their space, which is cool and with quiet natural settings, at locations where they can enjoy the intimate and one-on-one conversation as well as a time to reflect.  


Here is a list of ten great places where introverts will find the tranquility, freedom, and ambiance for personal reflection. Behold these beautiful locations in West Coast, United States of America.


1. Yosemite National Park

Located in California, the national park has five epic waterfalls, numerous hiking trails and lots of animals. You will get stunning views along the way with some of the sites which should not be missed like the Taft Point, Mariposa Grove, El Captain, Glacier Point, Half Dome, and Yosemite Valley. Taking a night bike ride will provide you with an opportunity to see the stunning sky. To cap it all, spend some time at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel, where a sumptuous experience awaits you. This is an experience that you are not likely to forget any time soon.


2. Redwood National Park in California

The majestic trees in the park will make you feel like a dwarf because they are huge and stand very high, almost ten times tall when compared to the Statue of Liberty. Regarding age, you cannot even imagine, some date more than 2000 years old. While you are here, visit the Big Tree, Lady Bird, and Johnson Grove as well as drive through the Chandelier Tree.


3. Grand Canyon Park in Arizona

Rated as the most famous Canyon in the United States and indeed in the whole world. If you have not visited this place before, you will know it for sure when you see it. It is something that you cannot miss, even from a distance. It is such an amazing place to discover and the thrill it offers, for the relaxation and its beauty is unrivaled.


4. Napa Valley

Rated as home to some of the best wineries in the United States, Napa Valley has a stunning view too. Here you are spoilt for choice as far as the vineyards that you can visit. Some of the options include Modus Operandi Cellars, St Clair and Pride Mountain among others.


5. Lake Tahoe

Located in California, West Coast, Lake Tahoe is a gorgeous place to visit. You will enjoy the walking trails, spend some quiet time at the beach or even engage in some sporting activities.


6. Death Valley

Although its name sounds scary, this location is pretty magnificent. It is actually one of the hottest locations on earth, so remember to carry some water. While you’re here, you get an uninterrupted view, and visit places such as the Badwater Basin, a location described as the lowest point this side of America.


7. Kauai

This is one of the oldest Hawaiian Islands, a place covered with lush greenery and provides visitors with a stunning coastal view. Although it is a popular spot, you will not find the size of crowds that frequent places such as Honolulu or Oahu. While you’re here, visit the beaches, take a hike at Kalalau trail and get a stunning view of the Napali coast.


8. Visit Seattle

This is a city you will fall in love with, as introverts who have been here confess falling in love with the place. People are nice and friendly compared to cities such as New York and Los Angeles. You will feel more at home.


9. Manele Bay, Hawaii

You will get a real tropical experience here, and get to enjoy the beautiful views of the Hulopoe beach and the natural beauty that the bay has to offer. To avoid the large crowds that frequent the place, take a hike at Hulopoe bay and see the sea cliffs, take your time and witness some of the breathtaking views of a greatly cherished landmark


10. Oregon Coast

Here you will get a totally different experience, one that fits well with introverts. Although the beaches are not warm, they provide a stunning and beautiful feeling that relaxes you. With the fog that hovers over the place, you will feel like you are the only person around. Offseason, Oregon is a stunning and peaceful place to be.


Are you ready to go for an exciting adventure? Comment below to share about your traveling experiences 😉

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