The Best U.S. States For ISFPs To Live




Cities and states as well can be said to possess their own distinct characteristics, just like humans. While some are thriving and lively, others are tightly knit, quieter and reserved.


Cities and states, just like people, can be classified based on the Myers-Briggs personality types, each exemplifying either sensing or intuiting, introversion or extroversion.


ISFPs are one of the sixteen, and in the hustle and bustle of city life, may find the culture unsuitable for them. In fact, several studies have shown that in general, ISFPs tend to underperform in the corporate culture of city life. The routine 9 to 5, and daily commute through a concrete jungle just isn’t suitable for the quiet, aesthetic and nature-loving ISFPs.


So where can they run to? Where are some of the best places for them to thrive? In this blog, we have listed the top 5 best U.S. states for ISFPs to either live or visit. In these places, they’ll be able to find refuge from the busy city living.



Arizona is a perfect state for those seeking adventure, it has beautiful national parks that provide ISFP with a quiet and serene atmosphere. The state offers ISFPs with a place where they will have no trouble emerging themselves into sole adventures with beautiful outdoors as their backdrops.


Places like the Grand Canyon are ideal places for ISFPs to take hikes and long walks. Of course, they would prefer to go there in the off-season where there are lesser tourists and camera-wielding enthusiasts.



Land yourself in New Orleans, the bustling city, home to great arts, culture, soul and history. The city is dynamic, fluid and counter-intuitive, a unique place that perfectly fits the ISFP portfolio.


It has round-the-clock nightlife and a vibrant live-music scene that reflects a melting pot of three cultures: French, African and American. Unlike the soulless cities, New Orleans offers any ISFP the opportunity to explore interesting artefacts, art and culture.


State of Washington

This is a perfect place for people who hold a bit of mystery, the bold and practical individuals. It is a state that holds a place for the spontaneous characters, those who love hands-on work and like exploring ideas through trial and error methods, the type who are quite enigmatic when talking about their work. The artistic influence that is provided by a city like Seattle in Washington gives ISFPs plenty of fun and an opportunity to engage in great outdoor activities and various opportunities to explore.



With its lively art scene, Marfa in Texas is a perfect place for an ISFP. Its small population makes it an ideal place for an introvert who desires to explore the world and push the passions. It is a place that an ISFP will not shy away from shaking up social conventions, with their actions and aesthetics.


The Ballroom Marfa arts centre hosts several art events like exhibitions, concerts and cultural festivals. Besides that, it’s far away from the big cities, somewhat in the middle of the Texan desert. It’s the perfect location for ISFPs to recharge.



Missouri and more particularly, Kansas City, will perfectly offer you what you want. Kansas City is known for its tradition of jazz music, culture, its distinctive BBQ cuisine and its craft breweries.


Although it’s a city, its population of about 500,000 makes it one of the smaller ones in the United States. Moreover, it retains much of its culture and ISFPs will find themselves home in such a place.


Other States

Other states in the United States are possibilities for the ISFP, like Wyoming and Mississippi. When you move away from the major cities like San Francisco, New York City, you’ll find that the U.S is actually rather conducive to quiet nature lovers like ISFPs. There is indeed a stark cultural difference from the major cities and the smaller ones all over.


So for ISFPs who find themselves out of place in the investment banks, in Wall Street or Main Street, can head inland to some of the smaller cities – they’ll probably find much more happiness in small-town America.


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