5 Things That Can Annoy An ISTJ




Out of all Myers-Briggs personality types, the ISTJ is considered to be one of the most common ones. It covers around 13 percent of the total population. ISTJs, being introverts, are not social, and they have quite a reserved nature. As they tend to follow the rules and regulations, they are also known to be very reliable, dependable and dutiful. However, their nature doesn’t always sit well with everyone, especially the Perceiving (P) Types.


Because they want things organized and settled, they tend to get annoyed when things don’t go their way, and you’ll want to watch out for that.


In case you didn’t know already, here are five things that annoy an ISTJ:


  1. Emotional people

ISTJs have no patience for emotional people.

They are great advocates of logic and concrete facts in almost everything. They never reach conclusions based on emotions, intuitions or assumptions. Hence, they just can’t bear with people who are indecisive or those who make decisions based on their emotions or impractical facts and logic.


  1. Not following the rules

Rules and regulations matter a great deal to the ISTJ. They believe that following the rules can lead to consistency which eventually results in increased productivity.

Hence, they always stick to the rules and strictly follow them. If someone comes to an ISTJ and tries to suggest a ‘better way’, or tries an untested method that is not approved, it leaves them annoyed.


  1. Unexpected changes

ISTJs want things to move according to plan. Anything out of the plan is considered a failure. As a result, ISTJs plan things far ahead of schedule. If there are unexpected changes, ISTJs get really bothered. It’s the same with sudden new suggestions in the middle of doing something, in their mind, if the decision has already been made, then no changes should be entertained.

They hate uncertainty, and anything or anyone that causes these unexpected changes to happen leaves them feeling annoyed.


  1. Inconsistencies of others

Being so naturally consistent in word and deed, anything who does not do likewise frustrates the ISTJ. ISTJs stick to their words and promises, careful never to exaggerate or promise things that cannot be fulfilled.

Hence, those people that do those things leaves them very irritated. Not following through on one’s words, not fulfilling one’s commitments is extremely bothersome to the ISTJ.


  1. Procrastination

ISTJs prefer that things can move on schedule. They don’t like to leave things to the last minute and rush, because they get flustered and uncomfortable when they have to do so. If they have to work with a procrastinator, they get really annoyed.

To them, the procrastinator is lazy and ill-disciplined, not fulfilling their duties and commitments. Hence, they may even come across as micro-managing or controlling toward these people.

There you go, five things that annoy an ISTJ. If you’re an ISTJ, does this ring true for you? Share with your friends so they understand you a little better!


If you would like to learn more about ISTJ’s strengths and weaknesses, please visit ISTJ’s profile: https://www.personality-central.com/personality_types/istj-introduction.

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