The Best U.S. States For ISFPs To Live




Cities and states as well can be said to possess their own distinct characteristics, just like humans. While some are thriving and lively, others are tightly knit, quieter and reserved.


Cities and states, just like people, can be classified based on the Myers-Briggs personality types, each exemplifying either sensing or intuiting, introversion or extroversion.


ISFPs are one of the sixteen, and in the hustle and bustle of city life, may find the culture unsuitable for them. In fact, several studies have shown that in general, ISFPs tend to underperform in the corporate culture of city life. The routine 9 to 5, and daily commute through a concrete jungle just isn’t suitable for the quiet, aesthetic and nature-loving ISFPs.


So where can they run to? Where are some of the best places for them to thrive? In this blog, we have listed the top 5 best U.S. states for ISFPs to either live or visit. In these places, they’ll be able to find refuge from the busy city living.



Arizona is a perfect state for those seeking adventure, it has beautiful national parks that provide ISFP with a quiet and serene atmosphere. The state offers ISFPs with a place where they will have no trouble emerging themselves into sole adventures with beautiful outdoors as their backdrops.


Places like the Grand Canyon are ideal places for ISFPs to take hikes and long walks. Of course, they would prefer to go there in the off-season where there are lesser tourists and camera-wielding enthusiasts.



Land yourself in New Orleans, the bustling city, home to great arts, culture, soul and history. The city is dynamic, fluid and counter-intuitive, a unique place that perfectly fits the ISFP portfolio.


It has round-the-clock nightlife and a vibrant live-music scene that reflects a melting pot of three cultures: French, African and American. Unlike the soulless cities, New Orleans offers any ISFP the opportunity to explore interesting artefacts, art and culture.


State of Washington

This is a perfect place for people who hold a bit of mystery, the bold and practical individuals. It is a state that holds a place for the spontaneous characters, those who love hands-on work and like exploring ideas through trial and error methods, the type who are quite enigmatic when talking about their work. The artistic influence that is provided by a city like Seattle in Washington gives ISFPs plenty of fun and an opportunity to engage in great outdoor activities and various opportunities to explore.



With its lively art scene, Marfa in Texas is a perfect place for an ISFP. Its small population makes it an ideal place for an introvert who desires to explore the world and push the passions. It is a place that an ISFP will not shy away from shaking up social conventions, with their actions and aesthetics.


The Ballroom Marfa arts centre hosts several art events like exhibitions, concerts and cultural festivals. Besides that, it’s far away from the big cities, somewhat in the middle of the Texan desert. It’s the perfect location for ISFPs to recharge.



Missouri and more particularly, Kansas City, will perfectly offer you what you want. Kansas City is known for its tradition of jazz music, culture, its distinctive BBQ cuisine and its craft breweries.


Although it’s a city, its population of about 500,000 makes it one of the smaller ones in the United States. Moreover, it retains much of its culture and ISFPs will find themselves home in such a place.


Other States

Other states in the United States are possibilities for the ISFP, like Wyoming and Mississippi. When you move away from the major cities like San Francisco, New York City, you’ll find that the U.S is actually rather conducive to quiet nature lovers like ISFPs. There is indeed a stark cultural difference from the major cities and the smaller ones all over.


So for ISFPs who find themselves out of place in the investment banks, in Wall Street or Main Street, can head inland to some of the smaller cities – they’ll probably find much more happiness in small-town America.


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5 Things ISTPs Wish They Could Tell You




5 Things ISTPs Wish They Could Tell You

ISTPs are people who say very little. They prefer to have their private space and alone time. They are what we call a classic doer – they’re up for the next adventure anytime, and pride themselves in figuring things out by doing them.


Hence, they communicate very little with others – which often leads to misunderstandings.


Here, on behalf of ISTPs, we’ve compiled 5 things that ISTPs wish they could share with those around them. We hope to provide more insight into what makes ISTPs unique!


Here’s what an ISTP wants to tell you:


  1. “I just want to find things out for myself.”


I love to seek out ideas, solutions, and reasoning for myself. It is exciting to go about things the “hard way.”


I warmly accept any challenge, and I learn best through trial and error and figuring things out hands-on. I enjoy creating solutions, looking for reasonable explanations, and figuring out why things are the way they are.


I want to find out how things work, and I love taking on projects. I was the kid who was taking trinkets and pulling them apart to learn how to put it back together.


  1. “I need things in my life that will keep me on my toes.”


I tend to be relaxed and go with the flow. I don’t do well with heavy guidelines. I find it easy to feel bored when there is too much structure in my life, which is why I enjoy spontaneous things and adventures.


I am balanced, though, and I can pick and choose when to use my spontaneity and when I need to sit back and relax. This makes me very flexible and also gives me the ability to do well in stressful situations.


I don’t believe in worrying about what is yet to come, and I do my best to be easy going and adaptable to new situations.


  1. “I usually tackle emotions with logic instead.”


My mind does not process emotion well. I don’t know how to soothe you by talking, but I tend to look for logical solutions.


I am a “project person”, so I want to get to the bottom of why things are the way they are.


I’m not the best when it comes to sharing my emotions, either. I feel awkward when I have to share how I feel. I rather use my actions to show, than to tell you I’m angry, sad or happy.


  1. “I’m a good person to have around during a crisis.”


I’m great to have around in a crisis because of my naturally relaxed demeanor.


This goes back to the balanced aspect of my personality we covered in reason number two.


You’ll find that I enjoy careers that are dealing with a crisis like fire and rescue.


Since we crave adventure and spontaneity and do not do well with strict rules and guidelines, I am great to have around during a crisis where a levelheaded response is needed.


I find myself at my best during these situations, as I have to work to tackle the crisis or emergency that is happening in a logical, rational, and relaxed way.


  1. “I need personal space and time for myself.”


I need personal space, and I tend to keep to myself.


You might find it hard to get to know me because I do not share as much or as openly as others. I rather keep things affecting me to myself, and I will share when I want to and feel comfortable doing so.


You might even hear the word “detached” used to describe me, but please don’t misunderstand me. My silence doesn’t mean anything negative, I am naturally an introvert and can get a little overwhelmed in social situations!


What did you learn about ISTPs?


So here you go, the 5 things that ISTPs want to tell you. Does this describe you or a dear friend of yours? Comment on the box below!


5 Things That Can Annoy An ISTJ




Out of all Myers-Briggs personality types, the ISTJ is considered to be one of the most common ones. It covers around 13 percent of the total population. ISTJs, being introverts, are not social, and they have quite a reserved nature. As they tend to follow the rules and regulations, they are also known to be very reliable, dependable and dutiful. However, their nature doesn’t always sit well with everyone, especially the Perceiving (P) Types.


Because they want things organized and settled, they tend to get annoyed when things don’t go their way, and you’ll want to watch out for that.


In case you didn’t know already, here are five things that annoy an ISTJ:


  1. Emotional people

ISTJs have no patience for emotional people.

They are great advocates of logic and concrete facts in almost everything. They never reach conclusions based on emotions, intuitions or assumptions. Hence, they just can’t bear with people who are indecisive or those who make decisions based on their emotions or impractical facts and logic.


  1. Not following the rules

Rules and regulations matter a great deal to the ISTJ. They believe that following the rules can lead to consistency which eventually results in increased productivity.

Hence, they always stick to the rules and strictly follow them. If someone comes to an ISTJ and tries to suggest a ‘better way’, or tries an untested method that is not approved, it leaves them annoyed.


  1. Unexpected changes

ISTJs want things to move according to plan. Anything out of the plan is considered a failure. As a result, ISTJs plan things far ahead of schedule. If there are unexpected changes, ISTJs get really bothered. It’s the same with sudden new suggestions in the middle of doing something, in their mind, if the decision has already been made, then no changes should be entertained.

They hate uncertainty, and anything or anyone that causes these unexpected changes to happen leaves them feeling annoyed.


  1. Inconsistencies of others

Being so naturally consistent in word and deed, anything who does not do likewise frustrates the ISTJ. ISTJs stick to their words and promises, careful never to exaggerate or promise things that cannot be fulfilled.

Hence, those people that do those things leaves them very irritated. Not following through on one’s words, not fulfilling one’s commitments is extremely bothersome to the ISTJ.


  1. Procrastination

ISTJs prefer that things can move on schedule. They don’t like to leave things to the last minute and rush, because they get flustered and uncomfortable when they have to do so. If they have to work with a procrastinator, they get really annoyed.

To them, the procrastinator is lazy and ill-disciplined, not fulfilling their duties and commitments. Hence, they may even come across as micro-managing or controlling toward these people.

There you go, five things that annoy an ISTJ. If you’re an ISTJ, does this ring true for you? Share with your friends so they understand you a little better!


If you would like to learn more about ISTJ’s strengths and weaknesses, please visit ISTJ’s profile:

Best High Paying Jobs For INFPs




Whether you are starting out in your career or trying to find your footing in the best paying jobs, it is useful to know your personality. While personality is not a determinant of success or failure, it can be helpful to use it to choose the right career. Armed with that information, you will have a good position to select a career that is both rewarding and fulfilling.


INFPs have strong value systems and a deep interest in people; they usually put the needs of others above their own, show strong devotion and loyalty to causes and people they believe in. They are future and growth-oriented, creative and inspirational, original and individualistic, highly independent, value authentic relationships.


Strengths that INFPs bring into any career

INFPs are not particularly driven by status or money when they are selecting a career; rather they align themselves with personal values that allow them to help others. They are mainly motivated by inspirations and visions, mostly preferring to work on projects or causes that are important to them.


Because of this, they often struggle in the corporate sector, and find themselves lost and disillusioned in an environment that is primarily concerned about productivity, results, and money.


While some INFPs I have met learn to balance this disconnect, most are tired and weary of having to live life as ‘another person’ from 9 to 5, and only having a short time to be themselves. Some even fall into depression.


Yet, for many in the developed countries, with high costs of living and many expectations of loved ones, many of them don’t have much of a choice. This article is written for those INFPs who desire life to purpose, meaning and yet not find a need to compromise their deeply held values and their desire for independence.


Careers that pay INFPs



INFPS are natural empaths, with a unique ability to connect with people’s emotions. Their individualism plays a great role in enabling them to think outside the box and never run out of inspirational ideas. It takes creativity and inspiration to write up a spark, which INFP personalities have. The creative element with people in this personality type helps them succeed in writing-based careers and particularly in journalism.


According to current statistics, writers on average have a median wage of $33.19 per hour with annual earnings of $69,030, this places it among the top paying careers. Future growth is expected to be between 15-21% with more job openings likely to be created in the period of ten years, primarily due to the rise of demand for online copywriting.


Psychologists or Psychiatrists

Research has shown that psychiatry and psychology are two areas that INFPs can be intellectually inspired in, get an opportunity to grow professionally, creatively provide solutions and above all, help other people improve their lives.


These professions play on INFPs’ strengths; being able to read between the lines, spot inconsistencies, adopt unique responses at situations, excel in reading other people’s motives and emotions, and work face to face with the customer. INFPs draw their inspiration from seeing other people succeed; you will find them in almost all fields ranging from marriage counselors to drug and abuse sectors, and business consultancy among others.


The average salary for people working as psychologists or psychiatrists is relatively high, for instance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a psychologist who is working with the children services department earns close to $100,000 per annum.



Architecture as a career requires a lot of creativity; the famous Lloyd Wright was an architect. This career allows INFPs to fully exploit their creative muscles without the risk of falling into the oft-stereotyped starving artist.


An idealist in this career has an added advantage; one can design structures which serve humanity well. In fact, many of the most iconic buildings in the world were probably designed by artists that let their imaginations run wild.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean salary in the sector is around $74,520 with some of the highest earners pulling well over $120,000 per annum.


Human Rights Crusaders

Human Rights Crusaders are law professionals who represent those whose rights and liberties have been abused. One can specialize in a given area such as mental health, discrimination, social justice, or asylum among others. Although the journey through law can be tough, the earnings and the personal reward of standing up for the hurt and marginalized can be rewarding.


The current figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics put the average salary earned by people in this profession to be $133, 470.


Other Well-Paying Jobs

Of course, the above listed are not exhaustive. There are other careers that INFPs can find rewarding too. Other paying careers for INFPs include medicine, human resources, counseling, teaching, and graphic designing.


If you’re an INFP, the important thing is to understand that there is likely no ideal start for you. You can’t expect to be paid well if you want to follow your passion rather than doing what others expect of you in employment. However, as you keep building and investing in your skills, you’ll soon be able to dictate the terms and thereby design a life that is suited for yourself!


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Top 10 Experiences for Introverts in the West Coast, USA




There is a common misconception out there saying that introverts do not like traveling. Far from it, they love it actually—only that they prefer visiting places different from those frequented by the extroverted family members and friends.

Introverts like their space, which is cool and with quiet natural settings, at locations where they can enjoy the intimate and one-on-one conversation as well as a time to reflect.  


Here is a list of ten great places where introverts will find the tranquility, freedom, and ambiance for personal reflection. Behold these beautiful locations in West Coast, United States of America.


1. Yosemite National Park

Located in California, the national park has five epic waterfalls, numerous hiking trails and lots of animals. You will get stunning views along the way with some of the sites which should not be missed like the Taft Point, Mariposa Grove, El Captain, Glacier Point, Half Dome, and Yosemite Valley. Taking a night bike ride will provide you with an opportunity to see the stunning sky. To cap it all, spend some time at the Majestic Yosemite Hotel, where a sumptuous experience awaits you. This is an experience that you are not likely to forget any time soon.


2. Redwood National Park in California

The majestic trees in the park will make you feel like a dwarf because they are huge and stand very high, almost ten times tall when compared to the Statue of Liberty. Regarding age, you cannot even imagine, some date more than 2000 years old. While you are here, visit the Big Tree, Lady Bird, and Johnson Grove as well as drive through the Chandelier Tree.


3. Grand Canyon Park in Arizona

Rated as the most famous Canyon in the United States and indeed in the whole world. If you have not visited this place before, you will know it for sure when you see it. It is something that you cannot miss, even from a distance. It is such an amazing place to discover and the thrill it offers, for the relaxation and its beauty is unrivaled.


4. Napa Valley

Rated as home to some of the best wineries in the United States, Napa Valley has a stunning view too. Here you are spoilt for choice as far as the vineyards that you can visit. Some of the options include Modus Operandi Cellars, St Clair and Pride Mountain among others.


5. Lake Tahoe

Located in California, West Coast, Lake Tahoe is a gorgeous place to visit. You will enjoy the walking trails, spend some quiet time at the beach or even engage in some sporting activities.


6. Death Valley

Although its name sounds scary, this location is pretty magnificent. It is actually one of the hottest locations on earth, so remember to carry some water. While you’re here, you get an uninterrupted view, and visit places such as the Badwater Basin, a location described as the lowest point this side of America.


7. Kauai

This is one of the oldest Hawaiian Islands, a place covered with lush greenery and provides visitors with a stunning coastal view. Although it is a popular spot, you will not find the size of crowds that frequent places such as Honolulu or Oahu. While you’re here, visit the beaches, take a hike at Kalalau trail and get a stunning view of the Napali coast.


8. Visit Seattle

This is a city you will fall in love with, as introverts who have been here confess falling in love with the place. People are nice and friendly compared to cities such as New York and Los Angeles. You will feel more at home.


9. Manele Bay, Hawaii

You will get a real tropical experience here, and get to enjoy the beautiful views of the Hulopoe beach and the natural beauty that the bay has to offer. To avoid the large crowds that frequent the place, take a hike at Hulopoe bay and see the sea cliffs, take your time and witness some of the breathtaking views of a greatly cherished landmark


10. Oregon Coast

Here you will get a totally different experience, one that fits well with introverts. Although the beaches are not warm, they provide a stunning and beautiful feeling that relaxes you. With the fog that hovers over the place, you will feel like you are the only person around. Offseason, Oregon is a stunning and peaceful place to be.


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6 Travel Experiences for Introverted Dating Couples




Many introverted couples turn out to have a successful long-term relationship usually because they share similar interests and level of understanding.

Planning travel places require a conversation between the couple as to which places will fuel and recharge both of you. Well, we’ve made things easier for you.

Here’s a guide to 6 best travel experiences for introverted dating couples:


Beach getaway at Viceroy Riviera Maya

It is a secluded escape on the Caribbean Sea in Mexico with Mayan-inspired spa treatments and calm surroundings. Hit this place when it’s not crowded.


If you have a good budget, go for a luxury villa with private pool and outdoor terrace. The villas are surrounded by tropical jungle gardens and are private. This unique resort is a great place to visit and the most romantic beach getaways in Mexico.


Treat your partner and send them to spa treatments that have holistic touches and are extremely relaxing. There is a spa area for Temazcal bath and herbs native to Mexico’s Mayan Riviera are incorporated in the treatment.


If you plan to spend a proper vacation here, don’t forget to boat, fish, horse ride together and most importantly, walks down 7 miles of white sandy beach romantically.


Stargazing at National Parks, USA

One of the best places for stargazing is at a national park in the USA. Plan a trip with your introverted loved one for this perfect activity. It’s a romantic place and a good excuse to cuddle with each other as the night goes long and the temperature drops.


Focus on the star-lit night sky and enjoy the breath-taking moment with the God-made night spectacle. Know that your date is enjoying this even when the two of you are not talking. Complement each other on how refreshing it is to stay in this quietness and how nice it is to be with your date.


Get Lost In Tokyo

Japan is an amazing place for people who like to stay anonymous. No one really bothers what you’re up to, and that is what introverted couples look for.


Japanese people are not intrusive. You can keep on weaving through a sea of people without talking to anyone. Take a ride on a bullet train with your loved ones from Tokyo to Mt Fuji and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


You are guaranteed to have a peaceful ride with no talks as it is considered bad and rude in Japan to make noise on the train or talk to people. This journey is an extremely energising, scenic and a memorable train ride.


Bike around the French Countryside

Are you both more into sports? Do you have strong calf muscles and good speed? Try a biking tour. Such trips appeal introvert people as it offers them time to be alone and spend it with the ones they value. This high-energy activity is a good idea because such adventures become great memories. Getting a workout while riding around the scenic French countryside is a dream come true.


This gives the both of you time away from socialising with others. Also, none of you has to feel guilty for eating too many tasty French croissants.


Backpack around Europe

This is the ultimate travel place where you both will realise how much the two of you relish each other. If your partner is more like a best friend, then make this date a mixture of love and friendship! Crash at a reasonable hotel with strangers, where it’s not necessary to engage with them. Go ahead, backpack and hike.


The best part of Europe is that you truly become a part of nature. It helps you realise that with one good company, you have everything!


Picnic at San Francisco

There are tons of beautiful parks in San Francisco. Take your date to a picnic at sunrise, during the day, sunset or night – whenever it’s quiet and calm. Surprise him/her with their favourite drinks and foods. It gives you one-on-one time to know each other better.


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