INFJ Introduction

Introversion. Intuition. Feeling. Judging

infj Introduction

INFJs are insightful and brilliant individuals who have a good understanding of the complexities of human motivations and relationships. They show these traits by being caring, responsible, loyal and encouraging to people around them.

INFJs want to commit to doing something that they passionately believe in, and they want their work to have meaning and personal fulfilment. INFJs also have a creative streak in them; they possess what traditionally is known as intuition or ‘sixth sense.’ INFJs tend to have an interest in some of the following: the arts, music, literature or languages.

"I just know it's right."

INFJs often make unconscious conclusions about people or things that they can’t seem to explain. Many times, they are proven to be right. They attribute this to their gut, but it is really their Introverted Intuition at work. This is the INFJ’s source of genius, creativity and innovation.

This is why INFJs may find it hard to get their ideas accepted; they’ve already made unconscious connections to justify their decisions, but can’t explain it with their conscious mind or logic. Likewise, they find it insulting to state the ‘obvious’, but what is obvious to them is not immediately apparent to others.

"How do you feel about this?"

INFJs greatly value their relationships; they are committed to the well-being of those whom they consider important in their lives, and they silently expect the same in return. They desire harmony in their relationships, which can even extend to agreeing on small daily issues. They are attempting to find harmony in thought, and they will seek these points of agreement first before exploring their differences.

They may even go as far as avoiding necessary conflict in order to preserve harmony. Coupled with their intuition, INFJs apply their compassion toward people to become encouraging, inspiring and empowering. Hence, they often find great personal satisfaction in jobs that are about developing people’s potential like teaching, training, coaching or counselling.

"Let's plan this."

INFJs are planned and like things to be scheduled.  Although they can accept changes that have a clear rationale, they tend to be uncomfortable with people who seem to be careless with their tasks and wing it. They deem such behaviour irresponsibility and apathy.

“Just let me binge.”

Their Sensing is the weakest of their mental functions. This means that under stress, their Sensing may come out in an undeveloped or a childish manner.

They may become overindulgent with material pleasures like overeating, too much video games or too much shopping.

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Famous INFJs

  • Carl Jung

  • Cate Blanchett

  • Gandhi