ESTP Introduction

Extraversion. Sensing. Thinking. Perceiving

estp introduction

ESTPs are energetic, fun-loving and easy-going individuals. Charismatic and jovial, they love to have a good time of fun and laughter even when they are working. They are active problem solvers, wanting to get their hands dirty rather than discuss possible solutions.

They are flexible and adaptable; preferring jobs that do not restrict them with too many rules. Often restless and active, their hobbies usually include some form of physical activity like sports or any kinesthetic activity which they will perform with grace and dexterity.

"You only live once!"

ESTPs want to live to the fullest. They believe that we only live once and therefore must maximise their present experiences. They see no need to worry about the future or dwell in the past, rather trusting that it will all work out for good eventually.

Hence, they are adventurous, bold and impulsive. They run to new experiences and are willing to experiment with a variety of new things.

Highly observant of their surroundings, ESTPs notice small nuances in colour, taste, texture, tone and won’t hesitate to point them out to others. They learn best by doing and find it hard to process theory and abstract ideas. This is why they often are restless and mischievous in a traditional classroom. However, when it comes to kinesthetic knowledge, ESTPs grasp things much faster than most other types.

"Did you consider these other facts?"

ESTPs are active, practical and logical problem solvers; using the precise facts they have gathered with their five senses to make impartial, objective decisions. Every decision they make is put through this internal, logical system to test for validity.

When everyone seems to agree on a particular issue, ESTPs may readily raise an alternative point of view. Because of this, ESTPs can appear to be contentious and challenging.

"Let's go with the flow."

Spontaneous and easy-going, ESTPs usually adopt a casual approach to life and dress casually for most occasions. They like independence and despise any effort from others to create a structure or plan their lives. They tend to be generous givers and spenders, and rarely bother about their finances. Their careless approach to life also means that they often turn up for meetings unprepared.

" What if the worst thing happens?"

Their Intuition (N) is the weakest of their mental functions. This means that under stress, their feeling function may come out in an underdeveloped or childish way.

Under stress, the ESTP may conjure up worst-case scenarios in their heads and over-worry.

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Famous ESTPs

  • Taylor Swift

  • Winston Churchill

  • Donald Trump