ENTP Introduction

Extraversion. Intuition. Thinking. Perceiving

ENTP Introduction

ENTPs are charismatic, insightful and brilliant individuals. Excited by possibilities in the environment, they can analyse these possibilities and consider their potential strategically.

They’re able to spot flaws in existing systems, brainstorm and execute creative solutions, making them great innovators or inventors. Being adaptable and flexible, they find deadlines and schedules stifling and prefer to be given space to work independently.

"Let's build on this business idea."

ENTPs are naturally entrepreneurial. They are excited by possibilities and will brainstorm creative solutions to take advantage of these opportunities. Their quick mind ensures that they make connections between seemingly unrelated events or people and spot opportunities that no one else does.

Their naturally social self also means that they’ll be out there meeting new people and making business connections, an important part of entrepreneurship. However, they may lack the ability to follow through effectively on these possibilities and may move on to other more interesting projects after the initial inspiration dies off.

"But how about this point of view? You didn't consider it."

ENTPs are analytical, rational and objective. They use an internal logical system that they run every idea by before they consider an idea valid. When everyone seems to agree on a particular issue, the ENTP will raise the alternative point of view.

As a result, ENTPs may come across as super opinionated, offensive or contentious to other types. But ENTPs really enjoy the intellectual debate and challenge which they believe lead to mutual growth and learning. However, they would do well to know not all types enjoy such discussions.

"Let's just chill."

Although highly intense when it comes to working, ENTPs are generally spontaneous with most other things in life. Unless scheduling a calendar or budgeting their finances ties in with a primary objective they want to achieve, ENTPs are comfortable to go with the flow for most things.

"Didn't you consider this point?"

Their Sensing (S) is the weakest of their mental functions. This means that under stress, their Sensing function may come out in an underdeveloped or childish way. They may become overly focused on unimportant details or indulge in material pleasure like shopping, eating or simply too much video games.

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Famous ENTPs

  • Rowan Atkinson

  • Robert Downey Jr.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci