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Love your partner with the secrets of Type.

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Does it frustrate you that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to communicate effectively with your partner?

Do you feel isolated and alone because your partner just can’t seem to understand you, even after so many years of marriage?

Does your relationship make you feel like a failure because you just can’t get through to your partner sometimes?

If that’s you, guess what – You’re like 90% of the married population! Most couples are frustrated with the challenges of communication between them; and most are fearful that they cannot solve these problems.

Now imagine with me; imagine that you understand the love of your life inside out. Imagine you could find out what makes your partner tick, what makes your partner happy, what makes them angry – all without going through decades of painful experiences to find out?

Imagine this veil that has been separating you and your loved one is finally lifted up; that you can see exactly WHY you’ve been fighting – WHY you’ve been conflicting this whole time.

Discover things you never knew about your partner with this book.

This new book Building Successful Relationships with Personality Type will help you uncover secrets about your partner’s values, beliefs and motivations. These secrets will bring to light all the issues that you and your loved one have been facing from day 1 of your relationship.

When you combine what you’ve learnt in this book with what you already know about your partner, you’re going to experience increased levels of satisfaction, love and fulfillment in your relationship.

Don’t make this grave mistake so many couples commit.

The secret of understanding your partner starts from understanding his/her personality type. Most people mistakenly assume that their loved ones think, believe and act like them – so they commit the grave mistake of trying to shape their partners into them.

But let me assure you, this is a project that is going to fail. Your partner will never be you! You married your partner precisely because he/she is so different from you, and you enjoyed that difference.

So do you truly know what makes your partner tick? What makes him/her happy or sad? Or are you just making it up as you go along? – Most people have to go through painful experience again and again to finally ‘get’ it.

But not if you read this book and discover the power of personality type.

You will gain valuable keys and ideas on how to engage, love and satisfy your partner in the way he/she wants. You’re going to avoid a lot of painful and destructive conflicts due to misunderstandings.

Some of the things you’re going to discover in this book:

The unique way you and your partner recharge and recuperate after a long day at work – This will explain why your partner is so resistant to certain recreational activities you propose.

The type of conversation topics you and your partner most love and how to have great, meaningful conversations.

The bottom-line factors that ultimately drive your decisions – you’re going to understand the motivations behind your partner’s actions.

Many real life stories about how couples faced struggles and how they overcame them successfully through the knowledge AND proper application of personality type.

Most importantly, you’re going to see your relationship become a heaven on earth. What used to frustrate you is now going to become a source of joy and laughter!


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