How to impress an ENFJ boss




One of the ways in which you can succeed at your workplace is by understanding your boss and learning what impresses him or her. For a start, you need to know the personality type; this will give you an idea on how you can draw your boss close to you and get to impress. With such endeavors, you can easily get what you need to make your career successful.


Due to their interest in others and eagerness to help others develop and grow, sometimes they are referred to as teachers’ personalities. Other characteristics that are used to describe the ENFJ personality type include: idealistic, creative, social, warm and charismatic. With this kind of character, they can thrive in different environments, take up diverse roles and rise to any level of seniority at their workplaces due to the fact that they are likable persons and possess qualities that propel them to succeed. Here we will explore how one can impress an ENFJ boss.


Recognizing an ENFJ boss

In order for you to know how to handle an ENFJ you must be able to recognize them; they come off as natural teachers, they will often be found organizing people in activities that help them improve their lives. They are in charge of the situation and ready to guide a group towards experiences and activities which will help them grow. They intuitively recognize the abilities of others and with warmth and charm encourage them to pursue their dreams and aim at greater development while using their strengths. They portray dynamisms, productivity and are often energized especially when leading others in discovering themselves and mastering new knowledge. They are eager to help others solve issues in their lives, often sharing insights about people, their motivations and emotions. They portray great empathy and sometimes they may become over-involved to the detriment of their relationship with others as well as becoming exhausted especially when there are too many negative emotions surrounding them.



When it comes to communication, ENFJs are compassionate and warm people; they have a great enthusiasm for others and are great in welcoming other people’s ideas. They aim at understanding what is important to others and with that information they can take actions which help to improve the situation. They are always ready to offer support and affirmation, ensuring that all those involved get to know that their ideas are welcome and valued. ENFJs are good at making connections; they connect with diverse personalities and creatively come up with solutions which have others in mind, always attempting to accommodate other people’s needs. They come off as natural mentors and teachers; eager to show the way and help others improve themselves.


Idealist and perfectionist

Be aware that you are dealing with a perfectionist and an idealist; a boss that has an ideal vision and will do everything possible to achieve it. In the same way, they will demand discipline, strict time observance and a high level of organization from the employees.


They often fall into the trap of biting off more than they can chew; they can be involved in many projects especially in areas they have great passion. Due to the fact that they are eager to please and have an obligation to finish what they have started, they may get overcommitted, leading to missing some important details or failure of the undertaking.


ENFJs make strong leaders; persons who have clear ideas on what needs to be accomplished and makes an organization better. They are confident in their mission and often try to balance goals orientation with a focused interpersonal process. They require others to cooperate and want them to be on board both in spirit and action. They are helpful to employees and often help them to develop in their careers as well as becoming better persons in society. They get encouraged when those they are trying to help out move along but also get discouraged when the ones they are trying to help are not willing to tag along. The deep need for appreciation makes them disappointed and drained especially when they fail to elicit support for their values and ideas. They do not like an environment which has ongoing conflict, they prefer working in situations where people are eager to learn and make a difference in their work and lives.


To impress an ENFJ boss, you need to learn their likes and avoid things that disappoint them. Given that these personalities are natural teachers, people who are willing to help others and have great empathy for others, this will not be hard to achieve. You should not be afraid of failure when around such personalities; they will always be willing to help out. These are bosses who will help you realize your potential. How lucky you are to have an ENFJ boss, they are rare characters; people who are ready to help others deal with their life issues and make them better persons.


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